Paul Morrell

Paul Morrell (aka sumoJACK) is a film & TV director living in Los Angeles, CA.

In 2011, Paul’s first full-length micro-budget feature film titled FILTH TO ASHES–a good old fashioned teenage slasher–killed it at the box office. On opening weekend, Filth had the overall eigth highest grossing per-screen-average (ahead of six time Oscar-nominated Moneyball in its second week of release!) and to date has grossed over half a million dollars. Filth To Ashes is currently available on Blu-ray, DVD and on- Demand.

Paul has just completed his second feature film titled HUFF, starring Charlie O’Connell, Natasha Alam, Clint Howard & Mayra Leal. His sophomore thriller is already tantalizing film festivals with its gritty story and fearless cast.

Paul’s previous work includes his short film PING PONG CHAMPION: GRASS COURT which won the Converse Gallery Film Competition in 2004. In 2007, he was nominated for an MTV Movie Award for “Best Movie Spoof” with TEXAS CHAINSAW MUSICAL. In 2008, Paul completed a long-form short titled OVERSOLD about a pastor who falls in love with a Las Vegas stripper. In early 2009, his short LOVE ENTANGLED was an official selection at the Doorpost Film Festival.

Paul is also an accomplished editor and motion graphic artist. His post production portfolio includes movie trailers, music videos, commercials and more, including work on film projects Erin Brockovich and Men In Black 2, and for corporate clients Audi and Nestlé.

Paul loves Jesus, family, music, movies, Apple, Krispy Kreme and people. He spends his free time at Dodger Stadium, enjoying a serious laugh session with friends and with his two sons, the reason for all of this insanity, Nate and Alex.